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The Corporate Profile Of The Raddix Group

Raddix, a business based on a radical new concept, is a solutions Content provider for the insurance intermediary and the financial advisor. Raddix empowers the broker to offer clients unique value, to distinguish them from other brokers in an extremely competitive market. The value that Raddix offers brokers forms the basis of a long standing relationship between Raddix, the broker and the broker’s client as important stakeholders in the Raddix community. Raddix provides new solutions exclusively tailored for the Raddix broker network, in partnership with a range of insurers, to provide a competitive advantage to the broker from both a broker and a consumer perspective.

Our Company Structure

The essence of Raddix is to create a new market trend in the insurance industry through a radical approach to optimize the valuable role of the professional advisor and broker in South Africa. Raddix is thus a partner to the advisor/broker and a preferred distribution channel to insurers.

Treating Customers Fairly

The overriding principle central to the Raddix culture and ethos is that clients come first. Raddix is committed to the fair treatment of all clients, irrespective of size or vehicle through which they access our products and services. Raddix recognises that client satisfaction is the foundation on which to build a financial services business which is sustainable over the long term. Delivering optimal customer outcomes is an enterprise-wide responsibility and requires participation from all parts of the business. Apart from any legislative or regulatory obligations, treating customers fairly is a business imperative. Without clients, we have no business.

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TCF Policy

Our Privacy Policy

This policy explains how Raddix Group (Pty) Ltd and its subsidiaries obtain, use and disseminate your personal information subject to the Protection of Personal Information Act (‘POPI’ or ‘the Act’) of 2013.

Raddix is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your personal information (“PI”) as defined by the Act is collected and used properly, lawfully, with the required confidentiality and transparency.

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Privacy Policy

Raddix Values

  • 1 Integrity
  • 2 Professionalism
  • 3 Respect
  • 4 Loyalty
  • 5 Contribution


The passion to serve the advice-driven client is at the very core of Raddix. This means that advisors have to be sensitised that their current successful ways of doing business will not ensure their success in the future.


Our drive is to ensure that clients have access to the best trained insurance advisors that the industry can offer.


These advisors are people with integrity, passion, professional and client centric with the ability to communicate on all levels without forgetting to have fun. They are the servant-leaders of the industry.

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