How do you know if the website you’re using is safe/secure?

“Well,” you might say, “a technology inclined person I know specifically told me to always look for the green lock while entering login details or credit card information on a website. So that must mean it’s secure.” This answer is almost correct, but there is another lesser known step you need to take to be […]

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Vroue en Diabetes

Wat is diabetes? Diabetes is ‘n toestand waar die bloedglukose (suiker) te hoog bly wat n negatiewe effek op jou gesondheid het (dit beskadig die senuwees en bloedvate).  Diabetes kom in die algemeen later in die lewe voor veral by mense met ‘n ongesonde dieet,  min oefen en mense wat gewig optel. Vroue wat diabetes […]

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